Redefining the
future of digital content

How did it all start?

Our story began in the halls of a university campus when Parth Munjani, our founder, discovered his passion for writing and content creation. An aeronautical engineer by trade but a writer at heart, Parth started his journey as a content writer for his University’s Technical Fest.

He was introduced to content writing by a fluke, but it soon became evident that this was no accident- it was fate. He worked tirelessly to improve his craft every day and build a sizeable portfolio of exceptional content.

What started as an excuse to skip lectures formally emerged as LeftWrite Digital in 2019. Our purpose as a business has always been to elevate small businesses with top notch content.

Then and Now

Presently, LeftWrite is a professional content writing company offering a broad range of tailored content solutions for businesses. From website content writing to social media posts, we’ve got you covered!

Initially Parth would singlehandedly manage marketing, sales and content writing for each website. Today, we are backed by a team of over 10 writers and digital marketing experts. However, old habits die hard. He is still deeply involved in the quality control process and ensures that every piece of content holds up to standards!

International clientele

Our services are not limited to domestic clients. LeftWrite has completed over 400 projects for businesses from all around the world, including India, USA, UK, Australia, China, Canada, Germany, UAE and many others.

Our vision

To help businesses in all industries monetize the power of their digital space and successfully lead them to profit.

We aim to continue writing value-added content for clients all over the world and establish ourselves as a benchmark for content writing in India and the world at large.

What sets LeftWrite apart from the rest?


We are laser focused and tenacious.

Our belief lies in achieving excellence in every skill at our disposal.


We believe learning never ends!

Our team dedicates their time, skill and efforts to exploring and mastering new avenues in content writing.


We work on strategies derived from real-time market research.

Every SEO and content strategy we employ is always tested in the market.


LeftWrite is the only content writing company with an R&D department

that works every day and updates their content strategies on a regular.

Our Values

100% Transparency

We are honest and transparent in everything we do. Our integrity has helped us build longstanding relationships of trust with our clients.

Commitment to quality

Our team is relentless in their pursuit of excellence. Our writers strive to deliver exceptional content that is second to none.

Exceptional customer service

We provide detailed guidance to our customers and support them at every step of their journey to success.

Client centric approach

All our content solutions are custom designed, keeping the client and their unique SEO content writing needs in mind.